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The Center for Sports and Management offers various career opportunities in the scientific and non-scientific field. You can find all current job offers on this page.

Info: Prospective application as Doctoral Student / Research Assistant

You can apply for positions with us at any time. There is a structured process for candidates applying for doctoral positions at the Center for Sports and Management. After we have received your complete application package in electronic form (comprising CV, cover letter, diplomas/certificates), initial questions will be clarified by phone. This is also your opportunity to receive more background information about the center and our team. After that we may invite you for personal discussions at our center in Düsseldorf.

For your application day on site you should bring approx. 2.5 hours time. We usually have two interviews, after which you'll get the chance to interact with other research assistants working at the center. These discussions should answer the question as to whether the Center for Sports and Management is a suitable place for you to pursue your next academic qualification and, also, whether you will fit in here. As a small team, we view strong personal alignment as an absolute priority. Therefore, you are also encouraged to ask questions and to find out what we do, how we work, and what belongs to the daily work of a research assistant.

To get a proper impression about you as a person, we divide each of the two interviews. In the first part, it is all about getting to know you as a person. Here we discuss one typical situation from the everyday life of a research assistant in order to gain a clearer understanding of your problem-solving abilities. It is in no way about assessing your knowledge of sports or testing some preset thinking patterns or frameworks. What we aim to achieve is to understand how you structure ideas, formulate creative approaches, and summarize key points of the problems presented. Such cases offer a good opportunity for you to become better acquainted with the topics and working approaches at the center. In the second part, your possible ideas and topics for the dissertation will be discussed.

It goes without saying that you will receive feedback soon after the discussions. We do our best to communicate our decision on the day following our personal meeting.



Kerstin Carolin Forword

Project Manager CSM

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