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Sunday, 07. January 2018

From head sheds and central functions to fluid organization

The world of work in the future will be organized in a fundamentally different way than it is today. This will also effect how professional soccer operates.

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Wednesday, 03. January 2018

When understanding data becomes a competitive advantage

Global data volume is currently doubling approximately every two years. Only professional clubs capable of using data and computer models to identify opportunities others do not see, and then exploit...

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Sunday, 31. December 2017

New business: Startup engine professional soccer

Bayern Munich was the first Bundesliga club to create, in 2014, a management directorate for internationalization and strategy, as well as set up an office in New York to drive the expansion of its...

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Thursday, 28. December 2017

Content & Media: #LetMeEntertainYou

In the future, most consumers will have online access anytime, anywhere to every desired product and service. Professional clubs will compete with the entertainment industry to hold the attention and...

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Monday, 25. December 2017

Milan or Madrid – In search of the second-favorite club

In the future professional clubs will make more sales abroad than at home. Untapped growth areas for clubs will mostly be found abroad.

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Thursday, 21. December 2017

Show me your stats and Iʼll tell you if you score goals

The sports department will remain at the heart of professional soccer clubs. Although the professional clubs still frequently scout and sign players based on personal relationships and gut feelings,...

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Wednesday, 20. December 2017

Soccer 3.0 – When data becomes the 12th man

Nothing can stop the digital transformation, not even professional soccer. Even if you think that the game of soccer will stand as the last bastion against the storms of the digital transformation,...

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