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Thursday, 05. July 2018

Produce stars yourself!

Lionel Messi is undoubtedly a star. Next to Cristiano Ronaldo, he is one of the two best footballers of our time. With his club, FC Barcelona, Messi has won everything possible. He has won the UEFA...

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Monday, 02. July 2018

Beat the Robot

What will the future of sports look like — and will human or machine compete against one another?

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Thursday, 28. June 2018

5 Statements on Germanys early World Cup elimination

The early World Cup elimination of the German national team has historical proportions. Nevertheless, the situation must be evaluated appropriately. Here is the exclusive assessment of Prof. Schmidt.

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Friday, 22. June 2018

What an early World Cup elimination of Germany would mean strategically

The pressure is enormous. If the German national football team wants to avoid a fiasco, they have to win their World Cup group match against Sweden on Saturday.

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Friday, 02. March 2018

Who is the Chinese soccer consumer?

Although China is still a developing soccer market, it is attractive. Currently, 237 million Chinese consider soccer their “favorite sport”; and, at 308 million, even more Chinese consumers watch...

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Monday, 26. February 2018

The Quest for the Chinese football consumer

The Chinese government is pushing the country to become a powerhouse in football. Their ambitious plans include getting 50 million Chinese to play football by 2020, with the ultimate goal of winning...

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Wednesday, 21. November 2018

Should eSports be taught at school?

Computer games in school lessons or even in lectures at the university? From a conservative point of view, this may, at first, sound like a crazy idea. But is that really the case? We live in a world...

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