Ronaldo-Hype in Italy

Cristiano Ronaldo is undisputedly one of the two best footballers of his generation along with Lionel Messi. His move to Juventus Turin could herald a new era for the Italian Serie A. Juventus Turin was able to sell half a million Ronaldo jerseys in the first three days after the transfer.

The sales figures shows the enormous influence of the most famous athlete on our planet. Thanks to Ronaldo, will Serie A pass the Bundesliga even in the long term?

Cristiano Ronaldo sets superlatives - on and off the pitch.CR7 is the top scorer of all UEFA club competitions (123 goals) and was the top scorer in the UEFA Champions League seven times. He’s also won the Ballon d'Or five times. During his time at Real Madrid, the Portuguese superstar scored 450 goals in 438 games. He led his national team to win the European Championship in 2016, Portugal’s first ever international title.

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