The manifold interactions between sport, business and society are almost unexplored. Sport is much more than physical exercise and exciting entertainment. Sport has a high degree of social integration and is also an important economic factor - worldwide!

At the heart of our research efforts is the development of a scientifically based set of methods for empirically recording and evaluating not only the economic effects but also the so-called "return to society" of sport.

Research Guidelines


  • Taking up current problems/questions
  • Of real stakeholder interest
  • Emotional reference
  • Easy to understand
  • Transferable findings


  • Emphasis on empirical research
  • Development of methodological competence
  • Networking with top international scientists
  • Independence despite close cooperation with interest groups


  • New territory in research and education
  • Consistent international orientation


Professor Dr.

Sascha L. Schmidt

Chairholder / Director CSM

+49 (0)211 44709 740