Research Cooperations

The Center for Sports and Management cooperates with several prestigious institutes all over the world. Learn more about our partners in research.

Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard (LISH)

Since mid-2018, the Center for Sports and Management has been cooperating closely with the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard (LISH) at Harvard University in Boston. As an "Affiliate Professor" of LISH, Professor Schmidt is currently pursuing a number of joint research projects with his colleagues in Boston. LISH is a Harvard-wide research program lead by faculty co-directors Karim Lakhani, Harvard Business School; Eva Guinan, Harvard Medical School; and David Parkes, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences; with support from the Institute for Quantitative Social Science.

LISH Homepage  Prof. Schmidt am LISH


The National Center for Econometric Research (NCER) was founded in July 2006 in Brisbane, Australia. It is a research organisation dedicated to enhancing econometric research and to disseminating the outcomes to policymakers, business professionals, and the academic community. This research embraces all forms of econometrics, including the development of new methodologies, estimating quantitative models of economic and financial behaviour, assessing the effects of public policy and projecting the effects of alternative policy proposals. Prof. Dr. Benno Torgler leads the sportometrics program within NCER, which focuses on econometric analysis of data in sports. Prof. Dr. Sascha L. Schmidt is research fellow of the sportometrics program at NCER.

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Harvard Business School - Digital Initiative

Chairholder Prof. Dr. Sascha L. Schmidt cooperates closely with various professors at Harvard Business School (HBS) in Boston and is part of the Digital Initiative, which studies the digital transformation of the economy, and seeks to shape it by equipping leaders and engaging our community with cutting-edge research. As a think/do start-up at Harvard Business School, D/I brings together leading scholars and practitioners to explore the re-invention of business in a digital, networked, and media-rich environment. Together with his colleagues at HBS Prof. Schmidt published numerous Harvard Case Studies.

HBS Website HBS Digital Initiative

The Center for Research in Economics, Management and the Arts (CREMA) was founded by Prof. Dr. Dr. hc mult. Bruno S. Frey, Reiner Eichenberger (University of Fribourg), René L. Frey (University of Basel) and Margit Osterloh (University of Zurich) to promote scientific research in economics, management and the arts, based on the rational choice approach and on insights from the neighboring social sciences (in particular psychology, sociology and law). Prof. Dr. Sascha L. Schmidt is a research fellow at CREMA.

CREMA Website

China Soccer Observatory

Prof. Dr. Sascha L. Schmidt is an active partner of the China Soccer Observatory (CSO). The CSO is part of the Institute of Asia and Pacific Studies (IAPS) of the University of Nottingham and focuses on the monitoring, analysis and publication of insights into the growth and development of Chinese football at home and abroad. The CSO aims to ensure that relevant stakeholders are informed about the most important issues related to football and China.


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