We encourage students from all WHU programs, who intend to write a thesis on a topic within our research domains, to discuss their topic idea with us. In order to ensure a structured discussion and to identify an appropriate supervisor, we ask all interested students to formally submit a CV and a 1 page proposal to kerstin.forword@whu.eduThe 1 page proposal should include the following components:

  • Working title
  • Brief summary of research idea 
  • Explanation of relevance to academia and/or practice
  • Brief statement of motivation

We will then provide timely feedback on your thesis proposal and will, in case of acceptance, confirm it with the examinations office (‘Prüfungsamt’) at WHU.


For your reference, please find a list of prior BSc/MSc theses that we supervised at the Chair of Sports and Management:

  • ‘Reforming the Olympic Games to ensure their public approval – Suggestions based on legitimacy theory’
  • ‘How to Successfully Integrate Externally Hired Top Performers’
  • ‘League Design, Income Distribution, and Competitive Balance in Professional Basketball – a Cross-Atlantic Comparison’
  • ‘Financial Fairplay and Competitive Balance in Professional Soccer – a Cross-Atlantic Comparison’
  • ‘Big data and the NFL: the next human resource frontier for gaining competitive advantage’



Kerstin Carolin Forword

Project Manager CSM

+49 (0)211 44709 746