eSports - The future of sports?

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The future of sports has already started. But what exactly is this trend which has become increasingly popular for the last three years? E-sports is the competitive playing of computer games which is followed by spectators via internet or live events around the globe. In 2012, this community of e-sports enthusiasts counted 58 million people. 2014 this number increased to 89 million, while for 2017 145 million, without considering occasional users, are predicted. According to a study conducted by research institute Newzoo, the market is reaching a volume of $463 million by the end of this year. Traditional football clubs have already realized this broad opportunity. Next milestones could be a widely spread social acceptance and afterwards the integration of a discipline at the Olympic Games 2022. 

The eSports Golden Rush

Esports is already massive, and will continue to grow even faster. No expert would contradict this: esports is already overtaking ice hockey, and now even competes against flagships sports such as football. However, what is often forgotten in the conversation are the athletes themselves. As one might be surprised, there are quite a few similarities between young football stars and talented e-sports players. Traditional football clubs start to discover the market step by step. For a closer look on this topic, click here

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