Sports Department

Moneyball Approach

Although the professional clubs still frequently scout and sign players based on personal relationships and gut feelings, in 10 years a “Moneyball” approach will have broadly established itself.

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The development of Moneyball principles and new technologies will result in fundemantal changes in the scouting system. Although the well-trained eyes of a scout will not be completely obsolete, it is almost certain that technological aids like databases and video platforms will be more important than they are today. The use of online video platforms with individual performance data will make on-site observation of players by scouts the exception rather than the rule. Players, consultants, agencies and scouts will use such online platforms as networking opportunities to pave the way for transfers. In this way, game and player analyses could become the standard basis for decision making in professional football by 2025. As such, professional clubs will have to take the lead in information based on holistic evaluations of players.

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In the future, not only a small group consisting of coaches and club managers will be dealing with transfer decisions. Transfer committees with officials from the sports division and representatives of the financial, marketing, legal and human resources departments will be responsible for feasibility studies and implementation of player and coach transfers. Playersʼ contracts will be increasingly linked to individually measurable performance parameters (e.g. marketing success in merchandising, image values ​​in social media) and drafted by experts in the fields of human resources and legal & compliance.

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Player Development and Mentoring

Not only integration, but also the mentoring und development of the team and individual players will fundementally change in the coming years. More experts and specialists will support the "team behind the team" and technolgical advancements will have an impact on the work with the squad inside and outside of the sports department. 

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"The sports department will remain at the heart of professional ball clubs, even in 2025."