Player Development and Mentoring

To integrate new players as quickly as possible and make them productive, leading professional clubs in 2025 will already have their own “integration teams” in their ranks. Experts trained in psychology and pedagogy will be in charge of personal counseling and the “hand-holding” for stars. In addition to individual care for players, group-dynamic processes and team interactions will be analyzed and evaluated. Intelligent machines networked with mobile devices in the “internet of things” will handle the organization of day-to-day life. For instance, on his way home, a player’s refrigerator will send a message to his smartphone informing him which performance-enhancing foods or drinks are lacking at home and then lead his GPS or autopilot to the nearest supermarket or suggest a delivery service.

Dedicated R&D Teams

In the year 2025, it will be more important than ever for players to develop their individual potential through targeted exercise units, recovery measures, and dietary plans. Thus, different areas of player development will be assigned to different trainers focusing on issues such as athletics, tactics, prevention, football technique, etc. Based on genetic testing and through targeted muscle biopsies, training programs will be tailored to the individual physiology of players. Electronic clothing, implanted sensors or thin films over the skin will monitor bodily functions and determine performance and fitness levels of the players to design custom training programs and adjust them as needed. This will make it possible, for instance, to pull Arjen Robbenʼs son off the field before he tears a stomach muscle.

The use of new technologies and the employment and further development of football laboratories in 2025 will be in the hands of dedicated research & development teams. Experts will work closely with universities and research institutes to explore how new technologies can help to tap athletic performance potential and expand technological core competencies in football. Thus begins the race between professional clubs to the efficient discovery and effective utilization of innovations.