Topics at CSM: Future of Sports

The "future of sport" is a central research topic at the Center for Sports and Management. On the following pages, we're presenting various topics keeping us busy at the moment. The site is under construction, further topics are updated regularly.

Home of Professional Football

Nothing can stop the digital transformation, not even professional football. The typical professional club, as the germination cell of professional football, will be exposed to a diverse range of changes by the year 2025. The "Home of Professional Football" defines those fields of responsibilities in which clubs should be subdivided in the future.

To the Home of Professional Football

Study: Professional Football 2025

How could professional football look like in 2025? With the help of a new "real-time" version of the Delphi method, which was already used by US military personnel in the 1960s for forecasting purposes, a total of 62 experts from sports, business and society evaluated and commented on thirteen changes in the professional football sector in 2025 regarding their probability of entry, Impact and desirability.

The study: Professionall Football 2025